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Carol: I wish them luck. Knowing the Supreme Intelligence, they’ll need it. Arm hurts like blazes—always knew this scarf would come in handy someday. Didn’t think it’d be as a sling, though.
Mar-Vell: Carol…? Carol
Carol: I hear you, Mar-Vell. I’m just not sure what to say. All my life, I’ve fought to be my own woman. The last thing I wanted was to become a female copy of anyone—especially you. But, for better or worse, that’s what happened. I’m not griping, y’understand. I…like being a superhero. But…Mar-Vell…our powers may be similar, but our heads aren’t. I’m not kree—I’m human, and proud of it.
Mar-Vell: That’s as it should be, Carol.
Carol: I guess. I…oh, hell; give us a kiss, for old time’s sake. Friends?
Mar-Vell: After all we’ve…been through together, could we be anything else?
Carol: Pal, I sure hope not. C’mon. There’s a town in that valley. Before I start back for New York, I’ll buy us both breakfast.
Mar-Vell: You know, I think I’d like that.

MS. MARVEL #19 features the first meeting of Mar-Vell and Carol-as-Ms. Marvel. It’s a pretty interesting issue, not in the least because Chris Claremont has Carol overcome the threat of mind control and sexual assault two years before the blind mess that was AVENGERS #200.

It also has Claremont-through-Carol point out Female Xerox Superhero Syndrome. Copycat heroines can be positive portrayals on an individual level, but as a trend I don’t see them as empowering; there’s a definite “Adam’s rib” feel to the whole thing. I’ve kinda come to view Carol taking on Mar-Vell’s mantel as a step forward in part because it elevates her from copycat to legacy character, which has something of a prouder tradition attached to it.

(Today’s thoughts 100% inspired by wondering what name Jessica Drew would go by if not Spider-Woman…?)

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